About the Multifactory network

If you belong to a shared workspace into the network you will find an EWindow in a common area.

You just go to the coffee-break area, or to the café, and you can see other people from another space, talk to them, exchange ideas, give and get suggestions on what you’re doing.

Each ewindow is open all day long between two spaces. If there are two persons close to the two windows, they can talk and interact.

If people want to meet in front of the ewindow, they act exactly as if they would plan to meet someone at the bar:

A – meet people by chance: you go, take a coffee, and start talking to someone you don’t know, or someone you know and who is taking a coffee at the same time

B – you send a message to someone and just say “see you in 5 minutes at the e-window”

The e-window is a prototype that was developed to facilitate the exchange and the flow of ideas between shared working spaces known as the Multifactory network. THe goal of the Multifactory Network was to permanently connect open work/hack/make/share spaces with a similar attitude in different cities around the world. The multifactory is a network of shared workspace across Europe and the e-window is a tool that ensures the constant circulation of ideas in sharing knowledge and in exchanging skills and professional services between the spaces involved. A community of real people, who make a living within the collaborative economy new paradigm.

“Electronic Window” solves two current problems: first it let team members working in different buildings, cities or countries to share daily life and common values which is crucial team building. Second it lowers the email communication that in the last years increased so much that it loses power on communication.

Is it for me?

–> If you’re a member of a collaborative, shared workspace, if you believe the world can change through a new economy based on sharing of knowledge, ressurces and machines, trust between entrepreneurs, orizontal business relationships and no exploitation of anything. You can think to join us!


If a shared workspace wants to join the network, a member needs to:

  1. visit another space already inside the network
  2. agree with the FREE EXCHANGE PROGRAM rules
  3. invite a member of a space already into the network to attend to an event to his space

For now, you just download and install the image to a Raspberry Pi (3). In the future, passwords and secure connectivity are planned and this will change the way you become part of the network.

About the Multifactory Model

Our use of the EWindow is the result of a 4 years reasearch. If you are interested we wrote some academic articles: The Research