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How it can be used in the Future?

Today’s communication technologies are challeging our society and how people interact and exchange between each others. A lot of time is spent in front of a smartphone or computer monitor and squares are progresively abandoned. People is always and immediately reachable everywhere and at any time. We think to refuse technology, and act as it wasn’t existing, is not the solution. We believe technology can be an ally and not an enemy. Ewindows are physical devices but are not personal devices, they are community devices. Ewindows can combine the need of physical community spaces with the technological progress on communication.

Social Network platforms are managed by corporate companies which sell data users give to them for free. This unbalanced relationship between users and platform providers leads to a dangerous manipulation of information and abuse of power which is attaking democracy. For those who are aware of this limitation of freedom imposed by facebook, what’s up, skype and all others, there are two solutions: or to join only free and decentralised social networks, which are lighs spots in the darkness: like diaspora or jabber or to stay away from technologies.

The EWindow is a community tool and not a personal tool,

The EWindow offers a third way.

Througn technology we can connect each other from everywhere in the world, we can share skills and experiences. An we do not want to loose this opportunity.

But how not to loose freedom?

It is the solution to real problem faced by many different communities of interest and it is an answer to an urgent need. EWindow can become a new practical and common way of communicating by moving ideas, in local community spots. You have to go out from your home, join a real local community and then, from then, you ffind an Ewindow spot wich can connect you with the rest of the world. This would result in a faster, better, cheaper way to share ideas, projects and works.

The EWindow can be adapted to local or personal needs in emerging communities in Africa or other developing communities and could be used to form orizontal and unconventional partnerships between enterprises, startups, actors of international cooperation ,NGOs, Universities and Research Centers and Countries from Global South.