It is like a window in a wall

the typical CASE di RINGHIERA, in North Italy. Every window is one in front of the other one and interaction is much more than in a flat.

It is a tunnel for comunication, a co-presence system.

You find it in physical spaces.

It is open source

–> WE BELIEVE it is time to do a STEP BACK and RETHINK on how to use technologies for comunication purposes.

The E-window is based on a free Open Source software and accessible to everybody as we strongly believe that a free software communication platform is necessary to protect freedom of speech and e-democracy.

And it’s easy and cheap to build it by yourself of an estimated cost around 300 euros.

It can be replicated anywhere in the world with no hardware problems.

We would like to spread it in the South of the World to have direct and non-mediated communication with startups and local entrepreneurs, build partnerships between peers, build a decentralised communication system, non depending on top down policies.

We think this tool can break down physical, political and mnemonic walls.