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EWindow is a dedicated single-app device, not a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Many different EWindows, all togheter, can make their own social network. Imagine you want to connect 3 different spaces. Every space has its own window in a common area, like in the coffebreak, a corridor, the kitchen. With the press of a button, the EWindow will connect to another EWindow in the same network. Once the EWindow is opened, there is a 1:1 encrypted connection.

Why don’t just use skype or slack or any other existing video chat software?

To make a skype call, you have to ALREADY know who you’re calling and their contact information. With the electronic window, you can easily interact with people you’ve never met before. But you might have seen their video tutorial online…

Of course for this end, we had to develop a user-friendly interface that requires no mediators such as a keyboard or a mouse.

To build the EWindow, you need a monitor, a small computer such raspberry pie 2, a webcam and a pair of speakers. All the E–window need to operate after is a Stable video and audio connection and Small band usage (short bandwidth). The appearance is customizable and could easily be altered and adjusted.